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Valerie Jean's Designs rates differ depending of the size of the project, we provide an initial estimate on a floor plan of the property.

For a corroborated quote we like to visit the property to discuss layouts and client specific recommendations.

We then decide on an installation date and draw up a contract. Our fee includes transport, furniture, redesign and staging removal,

  • We provide furniture rental and styling service to help with the marketing of properties.

  • We work in newly developed or refurbished properties as well as those vacated by owners.

  • We supply furniture, lamps, area rugs, decor, art, soft furnishings, and greenery.

  • We furnish each space individually, according to the property’s architecture, style and location.

Once the property exchanges and closes escrow we remove all the Valerie Jean's Designs contents.


Partial Vacant Staging - Three rooms Staging Package:  Flat Rate. Price depending on square footage. Three month maximum.


Occupied Home Staging 

We will prep, style, and refresh the home and make modifications to the furniture layout. We work with the home owner’s existing

furniture and add rental furniture or accessories if necessary.


Redesign Consultation:  We will consult directly with the homeowner on how to maximize the home's potential while making

suggestions on how to prepare your home for sale.

.Personalized Shopping: We will select furniture, artwork, rugs, accessories, and whatever we feel will improve your home for sale. 

Color Consultations:  Recommendations on the best color palette for the home. Interior and/or exterior.

Staging services are an investment that will sell your home faster,

increase potential offers, and reduce the stress of the selling procedure.